Jana Papenbroock


Werkstattgespräche – Documentary

The documentary short consists of a selection of interviews with the key actors currently establishing a new urban food hub network in Berlin.
Food hubs (LebensMittelPunkte) are decentrally organized spaces where regional organic food is distributed, processed and consumed amongst neighbors through all social classes. They are an instrument to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to sustain soil fertility and biodiversity through regenerative farming, to counter the current exploitative and unsustainable economy with circular economies of solidarity and care through community-supported agriculture (CSA model), as well as to nourish a diverse community in disadvantaged neighborhoods with limited access to healthy food.

Documentary short, 20 min.
Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection
Commissioned by LebensMittelPunkte Berlin
ⓒ Jana Papenbroock, Berlin 2020/21