A Room
Four channel video installation
Each 45 min, DV
© Jana Papenbroock, 2005

In Istanbul, Tallinn, Manchester and Lyon, I visited the inhabitants of an identical tower block that was built in all four cities during the 1950s as a social housing project. Each inhabitant has a very own interpretation and occupation of the same square room.

The video was commissioned by the photographer Annette Merrild for her associated photo project.

Screened at
Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej Lazna, Gdansk, 2010
Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan, 2010
Kunstbygning, Aarhus, 2009
Galeria Sztuki Mediów Asp, Warsaw, 2009
Istanbul Modern Art Museum, 2009
Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Kopenhagen, 2008
Kunstihoone Galerii, Tallinn, 2007
Kunsthaus Hamburg, 2007