Times Vol. 1 – The Puzzling Almanac
Pictorial Atlas
© Jana Papenbroock & Charlotte Collin for Colorado House, 2012
The Puzzling Almanac is a pictorial atlas about the staging of memory and the disarray of taxonomy.
365 photographs from the early 19th to the early 20th century were assembled to collages, enabling the reader to browse through the unlikely associations between scientific inventions, ancient discoveries and past current affairs. The juxtaposition of the staged, historical photos conveys the ongoing mise-en-scène of both history and reality, revealing systems of classification as forms of art. Like an eternal inkblot test, the history of photography always also conveys the projections and beliefs of its interpreters. The book can be read as an open puzzle from all directions, accomodating the reader's own current whims.

Times Vol. 1: The Puzzling Almanac
21,5 × 30 cm, open stitch binding
116 Seiten, Softcover

Distributed at Motto, CCA-Center for Contemporary Arts, The Fruit Market Gallery, &: Daviet-Thery, 7L, Colette, Florence Loewy, Jeu de Paume, Le Bal book, Librairie du Palais de Tokyo, OFR System, Section 7 Books, Yvon Lambert, 25 Books, Archive Kabinett, B Books, Bücherbogen, C/O Berlin, Do you read me?, Kisch & Co., Motto Berlin, Pro qm, Sautter und Lackmann, Walter König.